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Fire Your Personal Trainer!

weightloss Jan 23, 2018

It’s time to fire the personal trainer. At least for a while anyway.

But exercise is what makes you lose weight? Isn’t it?

No actually it is not what makes you lose weight. Being aware of what you shove into your pie hole is what makes you lose weight.

Very recently I signed up a new client. Jess told me she was doing her best, she had signed up with the personal trainer at the local gym and was diligently attending personal training class with him three to four times a week. After six weeks when she finally stepped onto the scales…. Nothing. Same figure as before. Heartbreaking. All that effort, dedication, blood sweat and tears, and not a budge on the scales. Jess’ frustration was real when I was talking to her, and I am not surprised.

So I’ll say it again…. I said it to her, fire the personal trainer.

That is the advice I gave Jess immediately. Stop worrying about exercise and killing yourself at the gym, and start focusing on your food choices. Not difficult food choices, and not limiting food choices. Food choices that are delicious and satisfying. WATCH THE WEBINAR IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE >>>

It’s time to sit back, relax, on the couch watching GoT or your Netflix bingeworhty series of choice. Sit and write a book, sit and read a book, hell just sit and relax, but forget the gym and training for a while.

You might think I am anti-gym? You’re wrong. I love the gym and I train regularly, three times a week kinda regularly, but that is more than enough for me.

See, training, running, lifting weights, that’s all for strength and fitness, not for losing fat. Many a study has proven this. Infact, training tends to create an opposite effect where at best you stay at the same weight, or possibly even put on weight. You finish your training session and you’re starving, so you think, well, I’ve just punished myself for an hour and a half in the gym, I deserve an extra slice…. Wrong.

How often have you been walking around the lake or park and seen someone come shuffling past you, it’s not a jog, it’s certainly not a run, it’s more of a painful shuffle. I see this all too often and I see pain etched on their faces, and I think to myself, damn, stop, stop now. Rather walk and take in the beautiful surrounds, relax, and then go home and just be aware of what you’re eating.

So you will lose pound after pound, relaxing at home, relaxing while you walk, relaxing on the sofa, relaxing in the jacuzzi, and you won’t need to put yourself through all that pain and suffering.

Often when I am training in the gym, and I see a new face come in with a PT, and the new client is morbidly overweight, and I see the embarrassment, the anguish. Being put on show lifting the lightest weights in the gym, or bench pressing only the bar, with sweat beading across their forehead after the slightest bit of exertion, then I never see that face in the gym again, and they become one of the many statistics who cannot stand being put on show in the gym and having to face up to the torment and embarrassment.

I know what you’re thinking. You dickhead. If people are prepared to try, who are you to judge, who are you to shame. At least they’re taking the first step. The gym isn’t a place of ego, leave it at the door, and so on and so on.

Fair enough, but we are all human, and feeling the pain and embarrassment is natural. Being centre stage for those first few painful weeks is not cool. Especially when after six hard weeks the scales haven’t budged.

Six weeks, no weight off after all that dedication. Off the wagon we fall.

Let me be clear here, I love training, I love the gym, I love being strong, but I first lost 25 kg some 50 pounds before I went into the gym and started lifting weights, before I started swinging a kettlebell, before I started doing long rides on my bike, before I started going to pool once a week for long relaxing swims.

I first adapted my eating, took stock of what works and what doesn’t work, got into good eating habits, and stopped stressing about what exercise I was doing.

Doing nothing at all, sitting and chatting to my mates on Facebook, I turned myself into a fat burner and lost fat daily whilst relaxing.

That would be my advice to you. Stop wasting money on the training and the gym, stop bull shitting yourself that this Monday you start training again, that you are now on the path to that beach body. Start educating yourself about your food choices. Start eating more healthy fat, stop killing yourself with processed carbs and poisoning yourself with sugar.

If want to know what to eat, check out the WEBINAR, I want to help. >>>



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