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5 Things You Can Do To Begin Losing Weight Immediately

weightloss Jan 23, 2018

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results - Albert Einstein.

If struggling with your health and weight is one of life's ongoing battles. Join the club. In Fact the club is quite big. A good guess would be about 2 billion strong. Membership is easy and available to all.

Let's assume you are like me and you want to leave the club, but it feels like one of those cult gangs that if you want to leave someone's going to kill you. Or it’s like a meth club, difficult to get away from. This might sound a bit rough, but for some people it is absurdly difficult to stick with anything that gets even mediocre results.

That is simply because doing more of the same thing that already got no results is insanity.

Doing the following five things will get you results as early as tomorrow and make you feel brilliant in under a week.

Eat scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Nothing else, just two scrambled eggs in lots of butter. Eat it straight out of the pan you cooked them in, it saves on your washing up. Cook them slowly on a very low heat stirring all the time and they will be creamy and delicious. It may sound crazy, but try it. No bread, no muffins, no toast, no ketchup, just creamy scrambled eggs.

What this will do for you is keep you satisfied and full way past lunch time. Eggs are full of great healthy fats and protein, and the butter gives an added fat bomb. Trust me, your body will thank you. Eat your eggs as soon as you can after waking, it’ll save you from falling off the wagon.

Limit the intake of carbohydrates to non starchy vegetable.

A good rule of thumb is to eat vegetables that grow above the ground. Do not eat any starchy vegetables like potatoes. Eat green leafy vegetables till you feel like one. Drizzle them with as much butter, ghee or olive oil. Eat salad leaves dressed with olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

Keep proteins moderate.

A good rule for all of us is to eat less meat. Do not give it up, but eat less of it. Much less of it. Try to teach yourself to cook the tougher cuts of meat so you can eat your way around the animal. These creatures are killed for our consumption, the least we can do is be humbly grateful and waste nothing.

Do not fear fat.

Fat is good for you and essential for well being. Get fat sources from butter, ghee, coconut oil, coconut cream, cream, cheese, avocados, nuts and animal sources. Eat the fat on the meat, choose fattier cuts, eat cheek, oxtail and belly pork, trust me, your body will thank you. Fat satisfies you and keeps you full for longer. Ironically, fat does not make you fat. Carbohydrates do that. Fat does not elevate triglycerides in your blood, carbohydrates do that. So listen up. Eat more fat. You’ve been eating wholemeal and low-fat for long enough and the results show, give fat a chance and see the weight fall off and watch your health soar.

Smarten up your sleeping.

This should really be a no brainer. Stop drinking coffee late in the day. Stop surfing Facebook until a minute before you try and get to sleep. Sitting with your face in a ray of artificial light till 10 o’clock at night and you wonder why you can’t sleep. Read an old fashioned book and wind your brain down. Sleeping is so important for us to reset and lower cortisol. Lower cortisol and watch your fat-loss results ramp up.

In short, eat a protein and fat rich breakfast, make food choices that are high in good fats and lower in protein, add to these lots and lots of leafy green vegetables, get plenty of time in the hay and you’re onto rapid fat loss in a matter of days. Try it and let me know.


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