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Fire Your Personal Trainer!

weightloss Jan 23, 2018

It’s time to fire the personal trainer. At least for a while anyway.

But exercise is what makes you lose weight? Isn’t it?

No actually it is not what makes you lose weight. Being aware of what you shove into your pie hole is what makes you lose weight.

Very recently I signed up a new client. Jess told me she was doing her best, she had signed up with the personal trainer at the local gym and was diligently attending personal training class with him three to four times a week. After six weeks when she finally stepped onto the scales…. Nothing. Same figure as before. Heartbreaking. All that effort, dedication, blood sweat and tears, and not a budge on the scales. Jess’ frustration was real when I was talking to her, and I am not surprised.

So I’ll say it again…. I said it to her, fire the personal trainer.

That is the advice I gave Jess immediately. Stop worrying about exercise and killing yourself at the gym, and start focusing on your food...


5 Things You Can Do To Begin Losing Weight Immediately

weightloss Jan 23, 2018

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results - Albert Einstein.

If struggling with your health and weight is one of life's ongoing battles. Join the club. In Fact the club is quite big. A good guess would be about 2 billion strong. Membership is easy and available to all.

Let's assume you are like me and you want to leave the club, but it feels like one of those cult gangs that if you want to leave someone's going to kill you. Or it’s like a meth club, difficult to get away from. This might sound a bit rough, but for some people it is absurdly difficult to stick with anything that gets even mediocre results.

That is simply because doing more of the same thing that already got no results is insanity.

Doing the following five things will get you results as early as tomorrow and make you feel brilliant in under a week.

Eat scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Nothing else, just two scrambled eggs in lots of butter. Eat it straight out of the pan you...


9 Things To Profoundly Change Your Life

life lessons Jan 23, 2018

1. Re-educating yourself.

Our education system needs radical change.

I am not against regular education. Do not get me wrong, but the whole system needs a shake up. My life went into beast mode when I started educating myself on the things that I am interested in. These days, with the internet and our friend Google, you really can teach yourself anything if you so wish.

The education system we have at present in majority of countries across the world is so outdated. The curriculum has really not changed much in the last 100 years. Imagine that, we are still basing the majority of what we do to get our young people to change the world on a system that is 100 years old..

When I decided to begin educating myself, I decided to do two things. Read as much as I could, and to stop listening to the drivel on the radio, watching the drivel on television, and the crap on the internet, Ok, maybe I am still partially guilty of going down the internet rabbit hole, but to a large degree, I try to...


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