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HI I'm Alan, I will Show You How To Effortlessly Shred Fat...

  • Eating Restaurant Quality Food
  • Without Counting Calorie After Calorie
  • Adapting Your Body To Burning The Right Kind Of Fuel For Energy
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Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life, Be The Healthiest Version Of You & Regain The Focus And Clarity Of Optimal Performance

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Just follow a tried a tested method that gets the results you need now! Plug and play paint by numbers kinda simple but with the most delicious foods you can imagine.

Turn On Your Fat-Furnace

Get your body finely tuned and adapted to using it's favourite fuel source, natural healthy fats... No more hunger, no more cravings and no more counting calories!

Set Yourself Free Today!

Become The Very Best Version Of You, Take Action Today & Learn How You Can Implement Simple Changes That Getting Extraordinary Results

This Is What Craig Had To Say About His Experience

After Only A Matter Of Weeks, Craig Had Already Begun Losing Weight, Feeling Incredible, But Most Importantly Reversing His Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication


"Hey Alan,I thought I’d reach out to you and give you quick update. It has all happened exactly the way you said. Thank you for all your efforts. I felt like our stories were so similar, how our weight was affecting everything in our lives, how you said you had also been caught out by so many fad products, I am so glad I will never waste another cent on Herbalife, Isagenix or any other crackpot diet idea. I have finally found what is sustainable, just like you said. I love the program, I love the community and love the fact that there is so much support in the private group. For once in my life I feel I am in control. I have a good while to go before I am at my goal, but everyday I get closer. Kind regards, Bradley Forde, Melbourne, Australia."


"Hi Alan,This is just a quick email to say thank you. After 8 weeks on Smart Carb Formula I am now 10 kilos lighter. The results are nothing short of miraculous. My doctor is amazed at the quick results, you won't believe the difference to my blood lipid profile.I must say you were right about the energy levels, I guess my body just loves "ketones" I am now the fastest guy on the soccer team again.One of the best things is most definitely no hunger, and I just love the recipe portal in Smart Carb Formula that you've just introduced.I will let you know when I am at my goal weight, I'd say another 8 weeks.Best regards, Grant "


"Dear Alan, Just a quick email to say thanks. I’m so thankful for being able to join your Smart Carb Formula online masterclass. Getting to know how to eat to lose weight so easily has helped change my health, plus 39kg and counting! At first I really thought it was going to be really restrictive, but in the end, once I knew what foods were suitable, it became so easy! Now it’s like second nature. Anyone can do this.What I don’t understand is, as you always say, why have we been lied to by our governments and doctors for so long? Anyway you keep doing the work you’re doing, keep converting more people. The private group has just been enormous too by the way..I am getting my next set of blood results soon, I am very excited, if the last ones were anything to go by, these will make me feel 18 years old again.. ;) One more thing, knowing how to test my ketones has been the very best trick, that cheat sheet and video made it so simple. What we track - we can change!Thanks again, here’s to many more healthy years,Your friend in keto, John. "

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